Dr. Keoshia Worthy

Welcome To WorthyTherapy

There is no better time than now to begin your mental health journey. Let’s take the first step together and go beyond surviving, WorthyTherapy will help you thrive.


Identify and overcome barriers that prevent you from resolving unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns.


Address issues related to trauma, race, gender and identity, and interpersonal functioning.


Learn mental skills related to confidence building and goal-setting to perform at your optimal level.

About Me

Thank you for taking a chance on yourself and allowing Dr. Worthy to be a part of your journey! Dr. Worthy is a doctoral-level, experienced psychologist located in Manhattan, New York. She helps individuals overcome underlying issues and unhealthy patterns. She helps businesses create a healthy and inclusive work environment. She specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, gender and sexuality, race-related stress, addiction, and work-place stress .