Yes and no. Although Dr. Worthy is considered an Out-of-Network provider, she accepts insurance through Headway for individual therapy only.

Through Headway, Dr. Worthy accepts Aetna and United Healthcare. For other patients who do not have the above insurances, please call your insurer and ask about your coverage for mental health services. Some of my patients pay out of pocket without involving insurance, while others submit a reimbursement form to their insurer.

Individual sessions are forty-five minutes and couples and family sessions are sixty minutes.

Yes, this will be discussed during the phone consultation. Dr. Worthy has 2-3 slots for clients who may need a sliding a scale. If those spots are full, she will put you on a waiting list and follow-up with you when there are vacancies.

For new patients, weekly therapy is suggested. Weekly therapy helps facilitate a stronger working alliance between therapist and client, an opportunity to build trust, to retain information learned in therapy, and it avoids relapses, to name a few.

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